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current version

11.10.12 26.X.2022
- more elixirs generated and mixed type
- added fast travel in battles
- fixed epica parameter for reschuffling
- reduced max subsidy size form 100 to 20 for later days of the server

11.10.11 21.X.2022
- fixes for fast buy
- fix for war zone event

11.10.10 20.X.2022
- introducing fast buy for traveling and battles

11.10.9 16.X.2022
- fixing buy with gold and the market bug
- fixing merge bug

11.10.8 14.X.2022
- added buying for gold on product market

11.10.7 13.X.2022
- added fastbuy on monetary market

11.10.6 12.X.2022
- fixed choosing battle bug
- adding subsidies info on battle page
- fixed bug on product market

11.10.5 11.X.2022
- fixes for cc ratio laws

11.10.4 10.X.2022
- changes in product market - now can buy products globaly
- fixes for duel tournament
- org access blocked on epica server

11.10.3 9.X.2022
- changes in epica set

11.10.2 7.X.2022
- fixes for duel tournament battle
- fixes for orgs algorithm

11.10.1 7.X.2022
- introduced new epica set
- introduced orgs managing product market, monetary market

11.9.6 30.IX.2022
-- fixed for new battle view

11.9.5 29.IX.2022
-- fixed for new battle view

11.9.4 28.IX.2022
-- fixed for new battle view

11.9.3 25.IX.2022
-- introduced new battle view

11.9.1 2.IX.2022
-- most important pages are transformed into ajax
-- fixed stealing NPC with no raw companies
-- added elixir packs
-- ogrs cannot enlist duel tournament
-- android store payment bug fixed

11.8.12 30.VII.2022
-- duel tournament rewards fix
-- duel tournament close bugfix
-- duel tournament design change
-- equipment reshuffle/upgrade are generated again in battles
-- equipment updates are shown again in drops page
-- visual update for pages for party, military unit, stock company, coalition, country politics, citizen's achievement and citizen's profile

11.8.11 29.VII.2022
-- duel tournament formatting fixes
-- changed scoring in favor of players who win some round in lost matches
-- bug fix duel tournament not allowing to make attacks and RW

11.8.10 26.VII.2022
-- duel tournament bugfixes
-- rewards increased in duel tournament
-- added more statistics in duel tournament
-- fixed issue with Q7 items in equipment manager

11.8.9 25.VII.2022
-- graphics redesign in duel tournament
-- bug fixes in duel tournament

11.8.8 24.VII.2022
-- bug fix in mentoring system
-- bug fixes in duel tournament

11.8.7 23.VII.2022
-- country tournament bug eliminated

11.8.6 22.VII.2022
-- interface improvement and bug fies for duel tournament

11.8.5 19.VII.2022
-- duel tournament added for testing on testura

11.8.4 17.VII.2022
-- added additional gold limit to transfer from nexia (popup promotion)

11.8.3 12.VII.2022
-- versa implemented

11.8.2 2.VII.2022
-- improved logging of database errors
-- fixed multiple bugs in database

11.8.1 1.VII.2022
-- fixed facebook logins
-- added another claimable offer
-- minimum level of casting vote in civil wars increaed to level 10
-- fixed bug with fundraisigng payments

11.7.10 26.VI.2022
-- voting level requirements increased to level 10
-- bigger time spread for auctions created by item vendor
-- elixirs in storage are sorted in a better way`

11.7.9 25.VI.2022
-- adding free personalized promotions

11.7.8 20.VI.2022
-- implemented personalized promotino

11.7.7 13.VI.2022
-- fixed bug - incorrect soulbound Q for splitted equipment
-- added table with information about elixirs
-- elixir page has mobile view

11.7.6 12.VI.2022
-- improved sorting on searchbox

11.7.5 11.VI.2022
-- fix merge bug on luxia
-- added number formating in profile and battle page
-- fix for special items used on equipment. Sometimes was bugged and wasting players item

11.7.4 10.VI.2022
-- equipment reshufflebug fix
-- translations fixes in laws section

11.7.3 7.VI.2022
-- added google pay payments
-- parameter reachuffle will now not shuffle old parameters (unless all types are already shuffled)

11.7.2 6.VI.2022
-- vacation and spa now visible as debuff

11.7.1 2.VI.2022
-- elixir merge hint fixed
-- spa, vacation and PD are not visible in profile

11.6.14 30.VI.2022
-- Q5 product codes changed into elixirs
-- Fixed damage on sidebar (0 or badin other players profile)
-- merging elixir bug fix

11.6.13 28.VI.2022
-- implemented payment page for android store (mobile app)

11.6.12 24.VI.2022
-- implemented payment page for android store (mobile app)

11.6.11 23.VI.2022
-- bad information in elixir debuff
-- improved elixir merge page

11.6.10 22.VI.2022
-- fixed problem with registration from play store on perm servers
-- merged Q7 equipment will now be vestia set
-- fixed multipled alerts about upgrading company in MUs
-- fixed bug on mobile with elixir view
-- banned players are not longer partiicpaing in voting in civil wars
-- extra spa and vacation will have debuff again in the profile

11.6.9 21.VI.2022
-- fixed problem on soublound swap
-- fixed collecting rewards on war zone on perm servers
-- elixir page refactored

11.6.8 20.VI.2022
-- bloody mess elixir problem fixed
-- fixed shifter buff images of elixir (requires hard refresh)
-- fixed merge elixirs
-- pain dealer debuff fixes
-- bug fixed on job offers page (filtering by region)

11.6.7 19.VI.2022
-- elixir drop rate changed
-- fixed bonus damage after tournament
-- elixirs are now put on auction by item vendor in the middle of the night

11.6.6 18.VI.2022
-- fixing more bugs with elixirs and missing elixir icons
-- fixed double capital on chimera
-- fixed miss hits when drinking lucky elixir

11.6.5 17.VI.2022
-- chimera serwer started
-- implemented merging elixirs
-- fixing numerous bugs with elixirs
-- bad debuff times onspecial items

11.6.4 16.VI.2022
-- implemented chimera map
-- implemented drops of elixirs

11.6.3 15.VI.2022
-- implemented elixirs
-- soulbound equipment in promo codes

11.6.2 14.VI.2022
-- major special items refactoring

11.6.2 10.VI.2022
-- implemented soulbound equipment for chimera

11.6.1 1.VI.2022
-- added region tab for job market (browser)

11.5.6 31.V.2022
-- fixed discord quiz

11.5.5 18.V.2022
-- refactored citizen search option
-- adding page title

11.5.4 15.V.2022
-- fixed bug with battles blocked on 13th day of the month
-- fixed bug in team tournament - cannot rejon team after deleting team.
-- fixed problem with random name on registration in Mongolia
-- race view was bugged for non-logged players
-- very rare work bug fixed

11.5.3 13.V.2022
-- fixed bug with national battle order - now it's working for resistance wars
-- citizen levels on primera, secura, suna, alpha and luxia were adjusted into new system
-- fixed bug with xp bar on nexia

11.5.2 12.V.2022
-- changed default auction time from 12 hours to 24 hours for items put from storage view
-- fixed merge view typo (Nexia->Luxia)
-- league battle length reduced from 5 to 4 minutes

-- Starting log

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