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Please All Fight In Bavaria Side Germany And Don't Care About Luxembourg and request supply from The Commandos MU
Belgium Org posted 6 years ago

All belgians should work in org s Q5 "Belgium Gifts" company for one currency
pls send pm to org when you do and you will get free supplies when we have wars according to your eco skill and how many days u worked
we have a big work coming it's not over yet.
pls help us make a new stock
Belgium Org posted 6 years ago

Bezit tenminste 10.000 diamanten
Behaald door 28 spelers

lets get it started in here

buy bef from belgians or beglium org for capital against our enemy
Belgium Org posted 6 years ago

pro tip: buy BEF on the monetary market while it is still cheap
were going to make awesome this market fast
Belgium Org posted 6 years ago

please work at production q5 gifts q5 food q1 weps and not any other! we need war economie for some days now after that we go back to capitalistic economy. for any debt in diamonds or bef go to belgium org

sorry for extra rules
Belgium Org posted 6 years ago

Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.


fight T2 in battles and talk to cedec17 or gold33 when to fight!! that is important!!
Belgium Org posted 6 years ago

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