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E-Sim is a worldwide game and on the Internet the best way to make sarcasm about nations is to draw on paint (or other programs) the Countryballs (aka Polandballs). The meeting of the two things was inevitable. Dozens of articles with comics are written every day, but most of them are pure rubbish. Then i decided to write a Polandball tutorial for the making of a pretty decent comic.
It prohibits the following:
1)Adding pupils
2)Adding arms and other limbs

3)Ears, mouths, pupils, hair, mimic wrinkles, bears, eyelashes and moustaches.

4)Adding black lines between color borders on flags
5)Drawing a countryball in a shape other than round, unless it is an exception like Reichtangle, Israel, Tringapore, Kazakhstan, NepalRawr or OhioRawr or others.
6)Usage of circle and line tools

7)Drawing the Polish flag correctly (white on top)
8)Copying and pasting pictures of the internet (this includes, copying and pasting panels/drawings, everything must be mouse-drawn)
9)Drawing one panel comics with no plot, storyline or point.
Animated comics are excluded.
10)Using any meme, such as and especially "Le", "Rage faces", "Trollfaces", "Forever alone", "Doge/Shibe", and others.

1)Countries never refer to each other as "balls" (e.g. polandball, usaball, russiaball, germanyball). Country names only.
2)Grammar and spelling is supposed to be incorrect for everyone but Anglophones. Native English-speaking countries speak perfectly, and all other countries speak "Engrish".
This Broken-English is all about broken grammar rather than broken spelling (i.e. no Dolan spelling), and incorporates bits of each country's native language when it speaks. Lurk around to get a feel of the language. (Try translating the phase the the country's language with google translate, then translate it back to english.)

3)Comic Sans is absolutely not allowed. Same for any comic script or goofy font like "Curlz" or "Joker".
UKball and Hongkongball must always have a top hat and monocle. (However, since Hongkongball has been assimilated into Chinaball and has lost its characteristics, Hongkongball's top hat and monocle can be omitted, if you are not uploading it to Reddit.)
Israel is a cube, along with Jewish Autonomous Oblast and Michigan.
Nepal is portrayed as a dinosaur because of its non-quadrangolar shaped flag. Teeth and dragonic eyes are usually optional, but certainly recommended. Along with Nepal, ReichRawr, Ohio, the Indiasaurs and every non-quadrangolar shaped flags-owner must be shaped like the actual flag.
USAball always wears sunglasses.
Kazakhstan and his subdivisions and ancestors are always drawn as bricks.
Tringapore, Bermudatriangle, and Nariñotriangle and all their ancestors and subdivisions are always drawn as triangles.
Reichtangle (which represents a possible 4th reich, though is often used to depict the German Empire during World War I) is rectangular-shaped, facing upwards.
Billiard Balls are used to represent ambiguous, non-colonized (or prehistoric) indigenous communities.
The 8ball represents Africans and other dark skined people
The 7ball represents Native Americans and/or Austronesians/Pacific Islanders and is usually accompanied by a feather atop its head.
6ball represents aliens.
1balls represent prehistoric or indigenous East Asians or Mongoloids and are accompanied with slanted eyes.
Polandball is depicted red-top, white-bottom pattern, rather than the actual white-top, red-bottom pattern as depicted on its flag. Sometimes the white part is depicted light gray, though this is frowned upon unless for shading purposes.
Indonesiaball often wears a rice hat or peci to differentiate from Polandball.
Chadball's eyes are often 8balls to distinguish from Romaniaball.
The Anglosphere countryballs (USABall, UKBall, Canadaball, New Zealandball, Australiaball, and Hong Kongball) each speak English with "proper grammar".

Thank to Polandball wiki and Polandball Reddit
If you want to know more : https://www.reddit.com/r/polandball/wiki/index/about/why#wiki_polandball_flag_rule_exceptions

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It's just like a normal countryball with his logo but sometimes it can wear sunglasses like USA

19-02-2016 6:31:08
(3 years ago)

wow i did not know that !

Interesting . Now that was interesting...

People in Bermuda i guess did not know that our country ball is supposed to be a triangle ...

i live in Alaska now so i really can't help them get this article .. Funny no one ever told any of us about it though . Would you show me what an Alaskan Countryball is supposed to look like ?


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