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About the game:

Game is ruled by players! Countries, parties, economy, newspapers, governments ... everything. You can become president or congressman and lead the country!

Achieve your own goals with bunch of friends. Collect achievements and medals, loot equipment! Share experience with others and find your own way through the game.

Conquer other countries in epic wars! Make new alliances, join international events with players from all over the world.

Build military empire and economic superpower! You can join your forces with others, create alliances and reinvent worlds map.

Create your own stock company, gather investors, trade shares.

Remember to work and train everyday, follow the missions that will introduce you to the game and that's all you need to know to begin your journey.
When you get familiar with all the rules and habits in e-Sim you can focus on:
      — traveling to another countries
      — starting your own business
      — setting up a newspaper
      — political, military, business career
      — and finally conquering other countries

Good luck & have fun!